God Gave Me the Desire of My Heart

God Gave Me the Desire of My Heart

God had given me a dream of receiving a godly husband and wonderful marriage with us being called together in ministry. In June 1986, I was led to pray the prayer of faith for a godly mate. Later, God specifically told me to become your Partner. I sent in a prayer request to your ministry prayer team to agree with me for a godly mate.

For 18 years I stood on Mark 11:24, refusing to be moved from it or to start dating. I fed my faith with tapes, books and videos as God prepared me.

June 2004 marked the 18th year of my faith stand, and I was resisting weariness big time, yet I knew my due season was coming into view and I would not give up. In July 2004, I received my BVOV magazine. The Spirit had me reread the entire singles article. As I sat at my kitchen table, I reread the word that Gloria said: “God has the perfect person for each of you!” Suddenly, a breakthrough, a floodgate of tears of joy and laughter came out of me! All weariness was gone.

Ten days later, I had a visitation of the Lord, telling me to get ready because my time of manifestation had come! Two days after that I was getting ready to leave after church when a man walked over and asked me for prayer. We had been sitting on opposite sides of the sanctuary for years!

Eight months later, on our wedding day, April 2, 2005, Anthony and I are standing in our dream! Glory to God.