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Thank You for Preaching the Gospel

by Linda F. , Germany

Praise the Lord for KCM! May 2012, I became a Partner of this ministry, and I received a supernatural anointing to declare things over my own life. One day Kenneth was preaching about the power and the authority of the believer. Since that day, Jesus released a supernatural anointing in the words I speak. I have the impression that since that day, I became a prophet [of my own life]. Glory to God! And, I was promoted on the job. Thank you, Copeland family, for your obedience to God to preach this gospel of prosperity. Now I’m reading your book, THE BLESSING of The LORD. The revelation from this anointed book changed my entire life and family. Thank You, Jesus, forTHE BLESSING, which empowers us even today to get positive results like prosperity, health and blessed relationships. 
    We’re attending the meeting in South Carolina. Yes, it’s worth it to fly from Germany to the states. The spiritual growth my entire family is experiencing right now, because of the gospel which has been preached, pushes my spirit to visit you. My expectation is to attend that meeting, and get filled enough to change Germany. Jesus is Lord!