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Terms & Conditions

Monthly deductions cannot be made on the 29th, 30th or 31st of any month. If your scheduled deduction falls on a nonbusiness day, your deduction will occur on the next business day after the scheduled date. Weekly and biweekly deductions can be made on any business day of the week. Please allow three weeks for processing your new account.

When we receive your signed authorization form, we will mail you a notice showing the frequency of your future deductions, including the amount and day/date when your seed will be deducted from your account. Any time your contribution amount changes, we will mail you a new confirmation.

Please allow KCM/EMIC ample time to activate, change or terminate the request. KCM/EMIC will make every effort to process all requests as soon as we receive them.

All initial electronic transfer requests must be made in writing, using the Request Form.

Upon receiving your request for electronically sowing your seed or making a change to an existing contribution, KCM/EMIC will send you a confirmation notice.

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