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November 23-November 29

Forgive and be Healed

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Note: Beginning August 29, 2010, the Sunday broadcast will be available nationwide only on TBN. It will also be available through ORU station Golden Eagle Broadcasting, channel 53 Tulsa. We are also testing DirecTV, which will be on channel 363.

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  • Los Angeles Spirit-Led Prayer Conference

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Sunday 6:30 PM 9/27/2009
Pastor Terri Pearsons

A Word From The Lord - Move It Along
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Monday 9:00 AM 9/28/2009
Patsy Cameneti

Anointings That Bear Much Fruit
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Monday 10:30 AM 9/28/2009
Pastor Terri Pearsons

Demon Spirits and Righteousness
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Monday 7:00 PM 9/28/2009
Patsy Cameneti

Music and The Awakening
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Tuesday 9:00 AM 9/29/2009
Pastor Terri, Patsy Cameneti, Pastor George and RayGene Wilson

Music and Intercession - Reaching Beyond
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Tuesday 10:30 AM 9/29/2009
Patsy Cameneti

Holy Spirit Connections in Prayer

and Patsy Cameneti, Pastor Terri and Pastor George

Special Prayer For The Upcoming Generation
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Tuesday 7:00PM 9/29/2009
Pastor Terri Pearsons

Praying Over The Second Coming Of Jesus
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