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Disaster Relief Fund

Kenneth Copeland Ministries established the KCM Disaster Relief Fund to provide timely assistance to Partners and Friends affected by major disasters. The fund is supported by our Partners Helping Partners program, a community of believers who come together providing prayer and support in times of need. This partnering program enables us to be proactive, staying one step ahead and ready to respond.

Rebuild, Recover, Restore

One hundred percent of your financial seed to the KCM Disaster Relief Fund is distributed to those living in devastated areas. By partnering with us, your prayers and contributions will help provide food, clothing and financial assistance in times of adversity. Together we can truly make a difference!

How Can I Help?

  • 1-800-600-7395
Bottled water for the Chetimyl Orphanage Wildfires in California Heavy flooding in Texas Hurricanes Katrina and Rita