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Joplin Tornado Devastation

On May 22, 2011, the most destructive tornado in 60 years hit Joplin, Missouri. Within a few days, KCM's Disaster Relief Team arrived in the midst of unimaginable devastation.

Though the destruction seemed without limit, people from all over the area had united to help others like never before. Without the aid of road signs or landmarks, our team worked with local authorities to locate KCM Partners. We also joined forces with many other relief organizations, including Operation Blessing, to bring help to people throughout the communities.

One team member, Steve, reported: "It was a powerful time in Joplin. We went to take care of those in need. With the help and ministry of KCM Partners around the world, we were assured our KCM Partners in Joplin were taken care of. We heard stories of many amazing miracles. We found every Partner's house and contacted almost everyone. We'll keep following up with our Partners."

Through KCM's Partners Helping Partners outreach, we have once again discovered that while one of us alone may not be able to do much, together we are stronger than any tornado! Please continue to pray for the citizens of Joplin, Missouri.

Read these testimonies and click here to watch the video to see how Partners Helping Partners is reaching out to undergird the faith of those who stood in the face of a storm to declare God's goodness! To make a contribution to KCM's Disaster Relief Fund, click here.


  • "Because of your love for Partners and love for people, I stand here today and say thank you! God bless you. Thank you!"
  • "I have a strong God and He took care of me. I've called KCM many times asking for prayer. God has answered. Thank you for your ministry, and thank you for the financial blessing."
  • "Within a few seconds, everything was gone. The Word of God Kenneth Copeland preaches has helped us through so many things over the years. Thank you for everything…your kindness…your prayers."
  • "It's miraculous! There's no way to describe what's happened here, and we're standing here alive and well…giving God praise. For over 26 years, we have been Partners with KCM. Kenneth and Gloria have been such a blessing. We came through this because of what we've been taught by them."