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Tornados in Alabama

In April 2011, armed with God's Word, prayer and a list of our Partners, the KCM Disaster Relief Team arrived at the epicenter of tornado damage in Tuscaloosa, Ala., to find homes and businesses destroyed and lives turned upside down.

Navigating the war-zone-like streets proved difficult, but the Lord faithfully led the team to our displaced Partners in Tuscaloosa.

Moving on, with Psalm 91 as their guide, our team made it through the intense devastation of every Alabama town where our Partners live. In Blountsville, we were blessed to receive invaluable guidance from the Blountsville Fire Department.

The team discovered our Partners had stood on the Word of God during the ordeal. Some had spoken to the storm, commanding it to pass by their homes. Others had spoken "peace, be still" to it and stood watching as it dissipated around them. All had called on the Lord and listened for His prompting as to what steps to take before, during and after the storm.

We discovered that all our Partners in the path of these destructive storms came through praising God for protecting their lives, knowing He had saved them and would restore whatever was destroyed! He had proven Himself and His Word to them as they acted on their faith.

The Lord used our team to lead many of our Partners' family members to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Immediately following one family coming to the Lord, God displayed His power once again by healing the man's arthritic hand!

As our team finished up their work on the final day and headed back to their hotel, they stopped at a local café for a bite to eat. When they invited everyone in the café to join them in prayer…every person prayed the prayer of salvation with them. Glory to God!

Read these testimonies and click here to watch the video to see how Partners Helping Partners is working to restore lives in times of crisis! To make a contribution to KCM's Disaster Relief Fund, click here.


  • "I was just simply doing what the Word said, believing God and doing what He said."
  • "One of the things I learned early from watching Brother Copeland on television is praying the Word of God with authority over all the power of the enemy. The Lord spoke to me to go to Psalm 91 and pray it over my family, friends and neighborhood."
  • "We need Christ to come to our rescue, no matter what it is, small or large."
  • "Thank you for sending the team out here to Alabama. We say Jesus is Lord!"