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Kenneth Copeland Ministries reaches out with uncompromised Bible teaching focused on faith, love, healing, prosperity and restoration. Additionally, over the years, more than 60 million people have responded to the message of salvation through our ministry efforts. Together with the prayer and support of our Partners, we are impacting the world for Jesus Christ and changing lives every day! View detailed information about our various ministries and gospel outreaches below.

What We Do

Prayer Ministry

Our Partner Service Center is filled with compassionate prayer and Contact Center ministers who are ready to reach out and minister words of encouragement, faith, healing and wisdom to those who contact the ministry.

  • This loving group prays with more than 12,000 people each week
  • In addition, they personally call more than 10,000 Partners each week, responding to prayer requests and natural disasters
  • We understand the power of agreement in times of need, which is why we have a Prayer Line (817-852-6000) that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Prison Ministry

We desire to see people set free from bondage of every kind, which is why we minister to men and women in the prison system. Through this outreach we see lives transformed and hope restored.

  • We communicate with nearly 52,000 prisoners to let them know Jesus loves them and we are praying for them
  • Brother Copeland has personally ministered Christ's love and freedom in Texas and Louisiana prisons
  • Out of the 20,000 letters per month we receive from prisoners, KCM provides inmates with necessary faith-building tools, including 100,000 Bibles and 400,000 various teaching materials each year

Disaster Relief

Together, with our Partners and Friends, we established the KCM Relief Fund to minister help, hope and love during times of crisis. Through this fund, we offer immediate assistance, meeting needs as they arise.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries
  • Teams of compassionate people join with us to supply needed items, such as food, clothing and financial assistance to disaster victims
  • In 2007 we were able to supply much needed assistance to those affected by the North Texas and Midwest floods, as well as the California wildfires

Learn more about Partners Helping Partners.

Military Ministry

Our staff and teams of outreach volunteers enable us to support thousands of servicemen and servicewomen through our military ministry. We host special events and work with programs that minister peace, love, protection and hope in a variety of ways.

  • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland fill hundreds of courageous hearts with God's truth and promises at the Fort Bragg and Fort Drum meetings
  • With the help of our generous Partners, Friends and Operation Troops 91, we send gift packages filled with KCM materials, toiletries, snacks and birthday cards to our church men and women serving overseas
  • We also maintain communication with troop families, offering prayer and emotional support
  • We supply free KCM materials to the following military ministries:
  • Anointed Cloth Ministries, which passes our faith-building message on to troops returning home from their tour of duty upon arrival at the Atlanta airport
  • Fort America, a Pentagon-based ministry that sends our material to various troops


Our Partners and Friends make it possible for us to reach out beyond our everyday ministry efforts. We pour our resources into more than 100 ministries in more than 120 countries by giving to:

  • Churches that preach God's true message of faith, hope and love
  • Orphanages that offer love and life-giving hope to children around the world
  • Youth programs that build character and provide a healthy, encouraging environment for today's youth
  • Rehabilitation centers that restore lives and offer ministry tools for a successful transformation for those in assistance programs

Together we are feeding the hungry, meeting needs of men, women and children, setting captive hearts free and ministering faith, hope and love across the globe.


View a partial list of the groups and programs we support.

BVOV Broadcasts

The Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast debuted in 1979 in homes across America. Since then, the broadcast has ministered timely messages of hope to millions of viewers. We receive testimonies from all over the world from men, women and children who have:

  • Received healing from debilitating illnesses
  • Experienced God's lifesaving answers to prayer
  • Walked into Christ's freedom through salvation

Today, we reach even farther, broadcasting to a potential audience of 633 million viewers and offering multilingual translations across the globe. Each broadcast is filled with Word-based, faith-building teaching from godly men and women.


View our broadcast listing, or find stations in your area

KCM Events

Every year we look forward to our events where we connect thousands of people to God's message of faith, hope, love, health, wealth and THE BLESSING. Through Believers' Conventions, Victory Campaigns and Prayer Conferences:

  • Spiritual foundations are strengthened
  • Hearts hear and receive God's promises
  • Many find hope and put their trust in Christ
  • Deaf ears hear and people are healed from terminal illnesses
  • People experience God on higher levels

Learn more about our events

BVOV Magazine

The Believer's Voice of Victory magazine has found its way into the hands of people who need an encouraging, faith-building word. In fact, we've received testimonies of the magazine reaching as far as prisons across the world, and to a doctor's office waiting room. We are reaching half a million people in 135 different countries with this publication, which is full of:

  • Powerful tools for spiritual growth and building a relationship with God
  • Life-changing articles by Spirit-filled ministers of the gospel
  • Encouraging testimonies of healing, restoration and answered prayer
  • KCM updates and information about current events to keep you informed

In order to extend our ministry to every nation, we have made the Believer's Voice of Victory magazine available in multilingual translations.


Learn how to receive a free copy. Subscribe now!

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Did You Know


In 1966, Kenneth Copeland had a “Jonah” experience when he was suddenly swallowed up one night in Marshall, Texas. Only God didn’t send a whale to turn Brother Copeland around.