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Giving Connects Ministry With Outreach

Because of the support of our Partners and Friends, Kenneth Copeland Ministries is able to reach out beyond our everyday ministry efforts and contribute to more than 100 ministries in more than 120 countries through various churches, ministries, orphanages, youth programs, rehabilitation centers and educators.

A partial list of ministries KCM supports includes:

  • El Mexicanito Orphanage—Cares for orphaned and abandoned children in Mexico City
  • Agape Missionary Alliance—Prison ministry and after-release programs
  • Bukot Non Jesus—Ministry to people of the Marshall Islands
  • Christian Haitian Outreach—Cares for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti
  • Francen World Outreach—Holds crusades and conferences, plants churches in El Salvador, Panama, India and Canada
  • Frontier Evangelism—Holds crusades in U.S., Canada, Thailand, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands
  • Great Grace Ministries—Film evangelism and church planting in Philippines International
  • Christian Covenant Ministries—Ministry to Fiji and Kiribati Tarawa Islands
  • Living Water Teaching—Bible school, training the nationals. Medical missions/evangelistic campaigns, street ministry to the homeless in Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay
  • Made Free Jail and Prison Ministry—Jail and prison ministry
  • Mike Barber Ministries—Ministers hope and freedom in Christ to inmates
  • Micronesian Life Ministries—Ministers to those living in the Pacific islands through crusades and ministry outreach
  • Larry Joe Wright Ministries—Helps the hungry and needy of Tarrant County in Texas through Life Unlimited and the Food Ministry Center
  • Oriental Missionary Crusade—Ministers to those living in the Philippines
  • Rick Renner Ministries—Reaches out to meet social needs in the city of Moscow through The Moscow Good News Seminary, television broadcasting and more
    Visit Ministry Website
  • Shining Light Ministries—Trains African, Indian and Chinese people through outreach, prison ministry and a Bible school in Tanzania
  • Tribe of Judah Ministries—Evangelistic ministry reaching bikers
  • Wings of Life—Rehabilitation program as alternative to jail time
  • Branch Family Church—A church that builds relationships and the Body of Christ
  • Mercy Ministries—Transforms and restores hope in the lives of young women
  • Ben Caviness Ministry Inc.—Ministers to young boys on probation and those who are considered high risk
  • Anointed Cloth Ministries—Distribute KCM materials at the Atlanta Airport to troops returning home
  • Fort America—Manufactures "Armor of God" coins from their gift shop in the Pentagon, which they ship out to troops, along with KCM materials
  • Save the World Foundation—Conducts Gospel outreaches and crusades in schools and townships in South Africa and neighboring countries
  • Jesus Alive Ministries—Conducts Gospel crusades in African countries outside of South Africa, with a strong focus on rural areas
  • Jesus Alive Ministries—Church Development Program - A DVD-based foundational teaching program translated in local dialects and distributed to local churches in Africa, to assist with the discipling of new converts
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  • Christ for All Nations (CfAN)—South Africa office - Preaches the message of salvation to people all over the world, holds crusades in Africa and other third world countries
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  • Acres of Love—Provides care, love and hope for abandoned and HIV-positive babies and children
  • Evangelism and Fire Ministries—A Gospel outreach ministry to schools, hospitals and the streets of Durban, South Africa, as well as holding crusades in African countries and India
  • Prison Broadcasting Network—Radio and TV ministry to inmates in Pollsmoor prison, Cape Town
  • David Ramekosi Ministries—Preach the Gospel to the Venda speaking people in South Africa by using the Jesus film in Venda and mass crusades
  • WeCAN—Children’s Orphanage in Soweto, under the umbrella of ICAN in the U.S.A.
  • Prison ministry in South Africa—Support a variety of prison ministries on a regular basis with Bibles, salvation booklets and other material/magazines
  • Relief work—Give financial support to various partners who are involved in providing relief by supplying food to different groups in Zimbabwe
  • Alpha Ministries—Provides an introduction to God through training and teaching
  • Bill Prankard Ministries—Ministers to those living north of Canada, into Russia and around the world
  • Billye Brim Ministries Canada—Billye Brim Ministries’ extension based out of Canada.
  • Bridges of Canada—Works with inmates, ex-offenders and their families
  • Christ for all Nations Canada—Reinhard Bonnke - worldwide evangelistic ministry
  • City Centre Community Renewal Initiatives—Outreach in Canada providing prison ministry, at-risk teen program, addiction recovery services, inner city housing initiatives and more
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centre—Provides information and counseling for women with unplanned or problem pregnancies
  • Daybreak Prison Ministries—Works with inmates, ex-offenders and their families
  • Grace Missions—Ongoing activities in evangelism, school building, education, training and clean water initiatives
  • Greater Vancouver Youth for Christ—Helps improve the lives of young people by sharing God’s love through youth programs and activities
  • International Fellowship of Christians and Jews—Helps foster better relations and understanding between Christians and Jews; and supports Israel and Jews in crises or
  • Jerry Savelle Ministries Canada—Ministers internationally by teaching and building up believers
  • Mercy Ministries Canada—A residential program for young women with life controlling issues
  • Mustard Seed—A Christian humanitarian organization reaching out to the homeless
  • My Canada Association—A faith-based group of young leaders praying for and communicating with Canada’s governing leaders
  • Nation at Prayer—Calls Christian elected leaders and the nation to pray for its leaders
  • North American Word Outreach—Evangelism and outreach from the Canadian Arctic to the southern Islands of the Philippines establishing Word-based churches
  • Pregnancy Counseling Centre—Provides information and counseling for women with unplanned or problem pregnancies.
  • Rivers of Water Ministry—Outreach to First Nations people
  • Roy Durman Evangelistic World Outreach—Worldwide evangelist
  • Spirit Alive Ministries—A First Nations television outreach
  • Wagner Hills Farm—Recovery center for men
  • World Impact Ministries—Ministers worldwide to people in leadership positions and different cultures
  • Childcare Worldwide—Provides food, medicine, education and ministry to students attending the Victory Centre in Kitgum.
  • Embassy Christian Outreach—Based in the UK and preaches the gospel to the poor in Asia by training Pastors in effective ways of ministry and holding crusades
  • International Convention of Faith Ministries Ltd Australia—Provides fellowship, inspiration and training for ministers preaching the Word of Faith
  • Childcare Kitgum Servants - provides two meals a day, clothing and blankets, clean water, medicine, education for pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 7, and the Word of God for 6000 orphans at the Victory Centre in Kitgum, Uganda.
  • Mercy Ministries Australia—Provides homes with a structured live-in program for young woman ages 16 to 28
  • Powers Ministries International - Based in Thailand and Ministering to the nations in the 10/40 window. They are doing church planting in Myanmar and training Christian Leaders in the word of faith.
  • Association of Faith Churches and Ministries (AFCM)—Preaches to the nations through missions, leadership training, regional conventions and more
  • The Hope Foundation—Brings hope, help and healing to the hurting people of Australia in the areas of addiction and those caught in the sex industry
  • Hotel Chaplaincy (Red Frog Crew)—Gives students a positive, safe experience during graduation celebrations and university orientation week parties
  • Remote Areas Ministry—KCM Australia ministers to remote areas of Australia by providing the daily BVOV broadcast in the form of a free DVD library to any church requesting it
  • Ministry to Pastors in Asia Pacific— KCM Australia sends products to ministers through the Asia Pacific for school libraries, instruction and training for Pastors
  • Gilgal— Ministry by Ginah Skosana to the poor and street people in Dobsenville in Soweto, Diepkloof and Hilbrow.
  • Worldwide Outreach Ministries—The ministry revolves around training leaders through teaching the Word in their local church and at various Bible schools in Holland and Ireland, but they are also involved in financing help to neglected and abused children in Russia.
    Website (in Dutch)
  • Passion For Souls International— Worldwide evangelistic, healing ministry, with particular emphasis on holding leaders’ and pastors’ ‘Glorious Sons of God’ seminars (especially in the Philippines and Sri Lanka).
  • Yielded Vessels— Gospel outreach to the Romanian gypsy population, including providing practical help by housing orphans, building homes for gypsies and reaching out to prisoners. They also run summer camps for gypsy children and see many saved.
  • Great Joy In The City— Dynamic preaching and healing ministry through which thousands have been saved. The ministry has also set up a fellowship of like-hearted ministers across the nations of India and Pakistan.
  • The Ark Community— Outreach to various denominations across the world, particularly in Italy, to foster reconciliation. They run convergent retreats and also support aids orphans in South Africa.
  • The Sibthorpes— Outreach in gypsy ghettos in Bulgaria, planting churches and organising sports activities (football teams) and break dancing to promote self-worth.
  • Sporting Marvels— Outreach to school children in the Rhondda Valley through sports and music activities, promoting self-worth and Christian values, morals and principles, aiming for community transformation.
  • Dayspring International— Outreach to millions across India with an all-Indian film about the life of Christ that is shown from village to village resulting in many salvations which are followed up by local churches.
  • Mercy Ministries— Ministry to vulnerable young women supporting them to walk free of abuse, addictions, eating disorders, self –harm and other issues.
  • "Bethlehem"— Christian Orphanage in Ternopil, Ukraine. KCM Ukraine provides full finanacial support on a monthly basis.
  • "Ethos"— Church in Ternopil, Ukraine. KCM Ukraine gave money to purchase a land and build a rehabilitation center for addicted people.

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In 1966, Kenneth Copeland had a “Jonah” experience when he was suddenly swallowed up one night in Marshall, Texas. Only God didn’t send a whale to turn Brother Copeland around.