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About Kenneth & Gloria Copeland

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland understand just how life-changing the message of faith is. They started out just like any of us—struggling with continual lack, debt, sickness and discouragement.

Then they decided to trust God and base their lives on His Word. If a situation in their lives didn’t line up with what they read in the Bible, they changed what they did. Every time.

That decision made all the difference. They soon began to experience THE BLESSING—joy, peace, freedom, health and love—in every area of their lives. And as they witnessed their lives changing, they were eager to tell others.

Since 1967, thousands of Partners have learned to apply the Word to their lives, find their unique voice and live in victory. And those Partners are spreading the message, taking it far beyond what Kenneth and Gloria ever dreamed.

Kenneth and Gloria
  • in 1967
    KCM Timeline Kenneth Copeland Ministries founded
  • in 1973
    First Believer's Voice of Victory newsletter printed KCM Timeline
  • in 1976
    KCM Timeline KCM Canada established
  • in 1978
    First Believers' Convention in Anaheim, California KCM Timeline
  • in 1979
    KCM Timeline Gloria begins teaching Healing School
  • in 1979
    Weekly television broadcast begins KCM Timeline
  • in 1979
    KCM Timeline KCM Australia established
  • in 1981
    First Southwest Believers' Convention KCM Timeline
  • in 1982
    KCM Timeline KCM hosts worldwide Communion Service via satellite
  • in 1982
    KCM Africa established KCM Timeline
  • in 1982
    KCM Timeline KCM Europe established
  • in 1986
    KCM HQ moved to Eagle Mountain property KCM Timeline
  • in 1986
    KCM Timeline Kenneth Copeland began sending his monthly Partner letter
  • in 1989
    Daily television began KCM Timeline
  • in 1994
    KCM Timeline KCM Ukraine established
  • in 1996
    Official website launched KCM Timeline
  • in 1997
    KCM Timeline Groundbreaking for Eagle Mountain International Church on KCM property
  • in 2005
    Disaster Relief established in response to Hurricane Katrina KCM Timeline
  • in 2008
    KCM Timeline KCM Prayer Center extends hours to 24/7
  • in 2011
    KCM Asia established KCM Timeline
  • in 2012
    KCM Timeline Reaction Tour's first event ministers to kids in Uganda
  • in 2012
    First HD BVOV broadcasts aired - KCM Roku Channel debuts KCM Timeline
  • in 2014
    KCM Timeline Updated the KCM U.S. website
  • in 2014
    KCM U.S. reached 1 million likes on Facebook KCM Timeline
  • in 2015
    KCM Timeline Began offering BVOV broadcast notes
  • in 2015
    Launched Believers Voice of Victory Network (BVOVN) KCM Timeline
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